I have always wanted to start a Blog, but I was either not motivated enough or I was scared of how I was going to be portrayed. But, I wanted to create a page where I can go on and see my adventures, re-read stories and share what I did and how I did them.

Growing up in Hawaii, I was always surrounded by beautiful scenery and talented people. I have been blessed to come from a community where we value faith, family and being active. The saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is so true!

If you knew me growing up, I was never the risk taker, or adventurer. I always followed the rules and “colored in the lines”. I loved church, school and sports. That was my life.

Fast forward to the end of my sophomore year of High school, I tore my ACL playing soccer. All my dreams of playing collegiate sports disappeared, and I knew it. Recovery was hard for me, not only physically but mentally as well. That mental pain was a whole different type of pain that I never thought I would have to experience. Watching your friends play sports, have senior homecomings, play on TV, sign to a college and being on a team really put me at one of the lowest times of my life.

As I was recovering, one day I had the thought “you know what? I can either let this happen to me, and it can continue to make me miserable or, I can use this to be a changing point in my life.” I don’t know why, but that is the thought that helped me get through High School and onto college. I got involved in new activities, got a job dancing at PCC and really started being open to try new things. The rest is history!

This is where my true story began…

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