Chapter 4: Not in Kansas anymore

Growing up, I always thought going on a mission was a good thing. I didn’t plan on going on one- but I also wasn’t opposed to it. My mindset was always “I’ll cross that bridge when I get there”.  When I was a senior in high school, the announcement that the mission age was goingContinue reading “Chapter 4: Not in Kansas anymore”

Chapter 3: BYeeeeeeU

From a young age, it was always instilled in me that after high school, comes college. I knew I always wanted to go to school in the mainland; it would be my opportunity to get off the island and go on an adventure. Since (if you read in my “rebirth” post) I was all aboutContinue reading “Chapter 3: BYeeeeeeU”

Chapter 2: My Rebirth

I  believe that in order to understand where you’re going and why, you have to understand where you’ve been and what happened there. Honestly, I cannot complain about upbringing. High School definitely had its highs and lows but, I am just glad those days are over. Realizing what I know now, I wish that IContinue reading “Chapter 2: My Rebirth”